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Carisma Coaching offers individual coaching with focus on you and the results.

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Carisma Coaching - Support in Change & Development

"It is impossible." No athlete thinks like that. The power of thought is great. Therefore, positive thinking and clear goals are important, both in terms of prosperity and adversity. Successful people believe in themselves. We know it's working

- Helén, Carisma Coaching

Company coaching

Coaching for companies wanting to improve their results.

Accompanying family

HG Carisma's coaching in English not only helps international employees to quickly get to grips with the new work and life in Sweden but also helps the accompanying family.

Job coaching

We have worked with job coaching since 2008 and have supported many clients through their search for a job.

Thank you for having faith in me. Thank you very much for your help during the job coaching sessions. I feel renewed to seriously look for work. The job search skills that you have equipped me with are profound and fruitful. I feel like I have moved so many steps just within three weeks of meeting with you. Thank you also for having faith in me and for encouraging me to speak the Swedish that I speak so well. However, due to fear I was shying away from doing so but now I speak comfortably. Nelisa
They understand their clients needs Getting personal help and encouragement from Carisma felt great. All of a sudden planning and structuring my activities became an easier task. I recommend HG Carisma warm heartedly because in my view they know and understand their clients needs. Mimmi Sällström